Saints in Sinhala

Saints in Sinhala

shu juse vaas thuma  shu bilasus thuma shu igneshiyas thuma shu mariya goriththi thumiya shu paulu thuma shu-peduru-thuma shu-sebasthiyan-thuma shu-thomas-thuma shu-agnas-thumiya shu-alosiyas-gonsaga-thuma shu-anaa-muniswariya shu-benadik-thuma shu-dominik-sawiyo-thuma shu-helena-thumiya shu-john-d-beptist-thuma shu-john-meri-wiyana-thumiya shu-juse-munithuma shu-meri-upresiya-thumiya shu-pilip-neri-thuma shu-thomas-akwainas-thumashu-anthoni-muni-thumast dominic in sinhalast-laurance-sitest-clara

About Saints in Sinhala

Saints who are having an exceptional degree of sanctity holiness, virtue can be an intermediary between our selves and god. Because their prayers are powerfull

“ pray for one another to be cured; the heartfelt prayer of someone upright works very powerfully “ ( James 5 : 16 )
So read about saints, cogitate about their lives. Try to follow.

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