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Daily Bible/Gospel in Sinhala

Daily reading and reflection on the Word God reveal to us the saving mystery of our salvation which the Church celebrates daily through her liturgy. So Sinhala Bible/gospel in Sinhala bible is now with you. We see in the Word of God the one who keeps all the planets spinning and yet still has time for our small problems; we learn of the one who is moving nations and yet has time for our family; we find out about the one who has the vast physical universe under his control, and yet still has time for our physical problems; we meet the one whose intellect is so far superior to us that we can barely understand how all his creation functions, and yet still has time for us when we are suffering in anguish.
So reading the bible will helps you lots. That’s why we are offering Sinhala Bible/Gospel with Sinhala bible. Since Sinhala Bible/gospel and Sinhala bible is in your mother language, it’s easy to read you, understand you. So we believe Sinhala Bible/gospel with Sinhala bible will make your life easy when you want to read the bible

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