miracles in sinhala - prathiharyayan

Miracles – prathiharyayan

Miracles in Sinhala

alcoy-miracle-in-sinhala bordeaux-miracle-in-sinhala Buenos-Aires-miracle-in-sinhala Chirattakonam-miracle-in-sinhala Ferrara-miracle-in-sinhala Lavonia-miracle-in-sinhala

Les-Ulmes-miracle-in-sinhala onil-miracle-in-sinhala Saint-Andre-de-Reunion--miracle-in-sinhala scalal-miracle-in-sinhala Silla-miracle-in-sinhala St-Eulalia-in-Rue-Mazarin-miracle-in-sinhala tumaco-miracle-in-sinhala


Miracle at Lanciano

Miracles of Holy Eucharist ( Diwya Pupaye Prathiharyaya )

Jesus has proven his real present in the Holy Eucharist ( Diwya Pupaye ). Why did He have to prove this to us ? Beacuse there were some non-believers in the history and there are some non-believers. So time to time , through various Miracles ( Prathiharyaya ) ,Jesus has proven his real present in the Holy Eucharist. ( Diwya Pupaye Prathiharyaya )
All these Miracles have testes and approved by Scientist and Church. So our objective is , bring those Miracles to you with your mother language. Read Jesus Miracles ( jesuge Prathiharyayan – Diwya Pupaye Prathiharyaya ) in Sinhala, Read Sinhala bible , Read sinhala gospel. Believe Jesus… God Bless you

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